Despite countless pictures and videos featuring Mixed Reality, there’s no better way to experience the technology than simply trying it for yourself. Therefore Holo-Light offers workshops covering numerous Mixed Reality topics relevant to your needs.

Holo-Light workshops strive to reveal and clarify the world of Mixed Reality and its many possibilities. With a workshop, we start by giving you an introduction to possible use cases and application areas. Next, we can discuss where you can use Mixed Reality to its greatest potential for your company. We will show you the most popular and transformative hardware in the industry, like the Microsoft HoloLens. We can also give you insight into each device’s pros and cons to find the perfect solution for countless situations.

The workshops are also a way to become familiar with the newest trends in Mixed Reality. There are so many emerging concepts when it comes to this technology. We would be delighted to explain the differences between AR, VR and MR, their related hardware and the functionality each offers you and your organization.

Finally, workshops provide an opportunity to learn about Holo-Light itself. Come and get a sense of all our products and previous projects, who our partners and customers are, as well as how our one-of-a-kind services elevate our growing market potential. This also includes data regarding the health of the entire Mixed Reality market and what companies are also developing in this field.

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