Holo-Light Becomes First AR/VR Streaming Provider to Join Unity Verified Solutions Partner Program

ISAR SDK provides Unity developers a powerful solution for real-time streaming of augmented and virtual reality (XR) applications.

Munich, Germany – Holo-Light, a company specialized in immersive technologies, announced that its ISAR SDK is now verified by Unity, making Holo-Light the first Unity Verified Solutions Partner for streaming entire AR and VR applications. The company’s XR streaming solution ISAR SDK enables Unity developers to break the performance barriers of mobile AR/VR devices by outsourcing the rendering process to an on-premises server or the cloud. Streaming entire AR and VR applications empowers highly complex and graphics-intensive 3D experiences on mobile devices. ISAR SDK has been verified by Unity and can be used in the Unity Editor, specifically Unity Pro as well as in combination with Unity Reflect. This partnership will give the Unity community easy access to the industry-proven XR streaming solution via the Unity Asset Store.

“Being a Unity Verified Solutions Partner is a great validation for establishing and growing trust with the Unity developer community,” said Florian Haspinger CEO and Co-Founder of Holo-Light. “Building scalable AR/VR applications on a multitude of devices that can handle complex data is still a challenge across the industry. We are thrilled about this partnership to deliver Unity developers a verified, easy to integrate XR streaming SDK to empower the next stage of augmented and virtual reality applications. It is time to unleash the full potential of XR.”

ISAR SDK can be integrated into any augmented and virtual reality application developed with the Unity engine within minutes. The efficiency of streaming XR applications, in addition to handling arbitrarily large amounts of data, is due in part to the maximum simplification of handling many different end devices. ISAR SDK is compatible with a variety of other toolkits such as MRTK or Unity’s XR Interaction Toolkit, connecting augmented and virtual reality by facilitating a cross-platform approach. New apps can be developed faster and simpler without restrictions of individual end devices by just building a single server application. ISAR streaming technology currently supports Microsoft HoloLens 2, Android smartphones and tablets as well as Oculus Quest 2.

For more information on Holo-Light and the partnership, please visit here, or sign up for a free trial of Holo-Light’s XR streaming ISAR SDK.

Two engineers work on a simulation file
The industry-proven XR streaming solution ISAR SDK is now verified by Unity.

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