Stylus XR Dev Kit Goes on Sale

“The mouse of the future”, Holo-Stylus, our input device developed by Holo-Light and MCI is finally ready for shipment. With the shipment also comes an SDK (software development kit) that guarantees that the potential of this device will be further researched and fully utilized by interested developers outside of our own ranks.

With Stylus XR we were able to determine a clear demand concerning interaction with holographic content, particularly with regards to a unified, intuitive, and above all, precise control method. For this reason, Holo-Light focused on the development of a tracking technology which continually improves itself based on artificial intelligence and therefore offers an unprecedented level of precision.

“With the technology contained in Stylus XR, AR applications are possible for the first time in areas which, due to shortcomings in precision, could not be realized before—for example, training scenarios for surgical interventions.”

Philipp Landgraf, Leader of Development for Holo-Stylus

Philipp also reveals that the accuracy of positioning and the millimeter-accurate measurement is expected to reach new heights with Stylus XR as well. The latter can already be tried out in a demo application (download via the Microsoft Store).

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