Streaming AR/VR Apps

The way to increase performance and scalability

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What is holding Augmented and Virtual Reality back?

There is no arguing that these monumentally disruptive technologies are going to revolutionize industries across the market spectrum. From helping surgeons visualize the human body to designing cars in AR/VR.

But how will AR/VR experiences become more scalable? And how can we overcome the performance limitations of mobile devices to visualize high quality 3D content?

Join us on April 21, when our experts discuss how streaming and a new platform approach enable industrial AR/VR use cases that were not scalable or even possible before.

When: April 21, 04:30 pm CEST

Where: Register to join us via GoToWebinar

Our panelists will be available to answer all your questions. If you can’t make it on April 21, register anyway and we’ll be happy to send you the recording afterwards.

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