Automotive Supplier Magna uses AR for its Quality Control

The global automotive supplier Magna is working toward the intelligent factory of the future. One of its most beneficial use cases is guided quality control using Holo-Light’s Software on Microsoft’s HoloLens.

Every year, Magna´s facility in Graz produces more than 150,000 cars. Each car has to be checked for potential defects before it can be delivered to the customer. The worker responsible for the quality control process has a cycle time of six minutes to check the car manually and document the process with pen and paper. How to reduce cycle time and increase precision of the workflow? Magna and Holo-Light cooperated to develop a software solution.

Reduction of cycle times: Saving up to hundreds of days

Using HoloLens, each part of the car which needs to be checked is highlighted by the Holo-Light AR software. The worker is guided around the car, able to check everything with precision and take pictures of anything that could be a problem. This process is much faster than the former, manual one. Furthermore, the documentation of the process is automatically recorded so that the data is in the right place from the beginning on.

A reduction of the cycle time by 1 minute per car saves 100 days of work in Graz alone. Furthermore, the Augmented Reality application can be used to teach new employees the quality control process. The next step for Magna and Holo-Light is to create a product solution, so that this process can be controlled individually for every car model and component.

ProblemHaving no uniform way to check quality. Control issues cost the manufacturer time and money
SolutionAR Application which combines real-time information visualization, data entry, and documentation
BenefitCost-effectiveness, reduction of current cycle times, simplification and standardization of the working process

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