Business-Ready Industrial Metaverse

Unleash the Potential of AR/VR

XRnow is the all-encompassing XR streaming ecosystem to manage and stream every AR/VR app. This Industrial Metaverse brings the power of the cloud to mobile XR providing one single source of truth for all 3D assets, endless computing power, smart orchestration of resources and high scalability.

Unlimited performance
for XR devices

Enable high-performance AR and VR experiences.

Unified XR platform
for mass rollouts

Roll-out, host and maintain XR apps on one central platform.

Seamless 3D data pipeline

Access all your 3D assets through one single source of truth.

Global availability of all XR apps

Stream XR apps on demand and in real-time to mobile devices.

Your Way into the Industrial Metaverse

The XRnow Ecosystem Starts here

Our ISAR SDK is the technological backbone of XRnow. The cross-platform remote rendering solution can be integrated into any app and enables real time, high-performance streaming of AR/VR applications to all kinds of mobile XR devices.

XRnow – the all-encompassing Ecosystem