Remote Rendering for Augmented Reality

Remote Rendering and AR Streaming

ISAR SDK (Interactive Streaming for Augmented Reality) is the remote rendering solution to visualize high-polygon content via local or cloud processing power. In real size and time, with every detail, and without using polygon reduction.

High-quality 3D content

Visualize high-polygon content with every detail in real size and time.

Edge Computing based technology

Use low latency processing power of local servers or the cloud.

Protect critical data

Stream 3D CAD content in networks you control.

For Developers, by developers

ISAR SDK with native Unity 3D integration to create your remote rendering AR solution even faster.

How ISAR SDK Works

Infographic of ISAR SDK


The interplay of leading research institutions, industrial stakeholders and SME’s is nourishing soil for Augmented Reality. Currently, ISAR SDK plays an important role in two Horizon research projects funded by the EU.

ARtwin (Ref.No.856994) aims at providing a sovereign AR cloud platform. In the Pledger project (Ref.No.871536) Holo-Light leads the use case “Mixed Reality Applications on the Edge”.

ISAR SDK – Crafted for Developers, by Developers

We’ve taken our approach to Interactive Streaming a step further by developing ISAR SDK. Allowing you to stay in control, crafting your own bespoke remote rendering AR solution. We’ve diligently focused on simplicity of integration, stability and documentation. Whether in managed environments, hosted clouds or on-premises solutions.