ISAR SDK – XR Streaming

Stream your AR and VR applications. Via cloud or on-premises.

Remote Rendering with ISAR SDK

ISAR SDK (Interactive Streaming for Augmented Reality) is the cross-platform remote rendering solution to enable high performance XR experiences. Stream entire AR or VR applications, visualize and interact with high-polygon content via local or cloud processing power. It is easy to integrate and significantly shortens development processes.

Performance Boost 

Visualize high-polygon 3D content with every detail in real size and time. Use realistic visual effects.

Cloud & On-Premises

Choose whether you want to run your app on the cloud or on an on-premises server.

High Data Security

Stream your XR applications in networks you control and protect your critical data.

For Developers, by Developers

Device-agnostic approach and native Unity 3D integration allows ten-times faster app development.

How ISAR SDK Works

ISAR SDK is a plugin, which can be integrated into your Unity app. This enables your mixed reality app to be executed on a remote computer. Thus, your entire app gets streamed to your XR device. A corresponding client application runs on the XR device and receives the image stream. The connection between the client application and the server application enables real-time streaming of XR content.

Supported Devices

Application Areas for XR Streaming

By rendering any AR or VR application as a whole, ISAR is able to provide an environment that suits to every use case: from Manufacturing, Automotive to Construction and Architecture but also in Media and Entertainment sectors. 


For Developers


more polygons displayed on XR device

1 bn

points of a 3D scan visualized in a point cloud


time spent for compiling process


integration time

For Decision Makers


faster XR app development


time-savings for cross-platform support


faster maintenance and publishing process of XR apps


cost-savings during development process

*Customers have been able to achieve cost and time savings in the respective areas

Simple Integration

Integrate ISAR SDK in four simple steps. Implementation takes less than 20 min.

Dev Time Savings

Accelerate your development process thanks to easy testing and deployment.


Stream your XR applications in networks you control and protect your critical data.


One single app installation enables streaming to multiple device platforms.

 Device Rendering vs. Remote Rendering

Level up the performance of your XR devices and get the most out of your 3D content. Increased performance allows users to display high-detailed renderings with compute-intensive shader effects. Watch the video and see the difference.

ISAR SDK – Crafted for Developers, by Developers

ISAR SDK enables secure and flexible streaming of your organization’s demanding XR applications in real-time. Use our client application for HoloLens 2 or customize it to create your own client app. We’ve diligently focused on simplicity of integration, stability and documentation. Whether in managed environments, hosted clouds or on-premises solutions. The source code is available for your team to review, allowing compliance on all levels.