Augmented Reality Engineering Space

Augmented Reality Software Suite for Engineers

ARES (Augmented Reality Engineering Space) enables engineers to visualize and interact with 3D CAD data in an AR and Mixed Reality environment. Taking prototyping, factory planning, quality control, and technical education to the next level.

Experience 3D content in AR

Securely import and view all your CAD files in Augmented Reality.

Merge the real and virtual

Place your CAD designs in the real world and gather valuable insights.

Work on holograms

Fully manipulate your designs and assemblies. Place, rotate, adjust, resize, slice and dice.

Share the experience

Collaborate with your colleagues, partners or customers in your AR workspace.

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ARES Pro for Data-Intense 3D Content

ARES Pro allows you to simply visualize and work on complex and larger 3D CAD models with millions of polygons. It includes Remote Rendering enabling a more powerful experience of your designs. Protect your data by streaming it in networks you control and benefit from the whole range of ARES features.
Three engineers inspect a holographic Kuka robot

When You Change the Way You See the World…

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Wide Range of Features


Import and view all your JT files
Intuitive Keyboard Menu
Load several files at the same time
Single user session or Multi User Mode


Manipulate 3D CAD Models (Move, Rotate, Scale, etc.)
Select assembly groups via hierarchy tree
Cross-Section Mode (Plane, Cube, Sphere)


Individualized save-settings for all users
Multi-user and session management
Windows User management integration
Continuous support and updates


Real-world referencing of CAD designs
QR code tracking
Image tracking


Support of HoloLens 2 hand gestures
User-friendly UI/UX
Load several files at the same time


Azure & AWS Cloud ready
Autodesk Forge integration
STYLUS XR and ISAR /SDK™  compatible 

Case Studies and Tech Insights

Prototyping at BMW

BMW accelerates the development of vehicle concepts and prototypes by up to 12 months with ARES Pro.

Factory Planning at BASF

With ARES chemical giant BASF significantly reduces time and material cost in planning processes.

thyssenkrupp Marine Systems

The measurement and quality control of components is a time-consuming process. Holo-Light shows how AR systems can support this procedure in the future with a lighthouse project at thyssenkrupp Marine Systems.

AR Benefits for Automotive

Engineering, production, quality assurance, and lifetime support in the life cycle of a car all have enormous improvement potential.

Factory Planning at BASF

With ARES chemical giant BASF significantly reduces time and material cost in planning processes.

How AR Improves Engineering

From rapid prototyping to global collaboration: Using AR technology to visualize and interact with 3D content offers substantial advantages.