Your software to work with 3D CAD models in augmented reality.

Augmented Reality Software for Engineers 

Our Engineering Space AR3S enables engineers to visualize and work with 3D CAD data in an AR and Mixed Reality environment. Taking prototyping, factory planning, quality control, and technical education to the next level. AR3S plans start from 291€ per month.

High Quality 3D Content in AR

Securely import and view all your CAD files in AR. Visualize and manipulate even data-intensive 3D content.

Merge the Real and Virtual

Place your CAD designs in the real world. Manipulate projected assemblies directly at their envisaged destination.

Work on Complex Holograms

Fully manipulate your designs and assemblies. Place, rotate, adjust, resize, slice and dice. Save your work.

Share the Experience

Collaborate with your colleagues, partners or customers in AR. Set up local and global meetings.

€366 million

Cost savings of car manufacturers per car series in R&D.


Cost saving percentage of enterprise R&D departments.

Optimize Your Workflows with AR

The Engineering Space AR3S redefines the entire engineering process of enterprises enabling employees to design, create, edit, optimize and share industrial 3D content in AR. Features designed for engineers, enough computing power for high quality experiences and precise interaction are combined in one unique solution.

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For Engineers


detection of design faults


up to 12 months faster concept evaluation


cutbacks on business trips

For Decision Makers


faster time-to-market


cost reduction for prototypes


reduction of unplanned downtime

*Customers have been able to achieve cost and time savings in the respective areas

Wide Range of Features 

File Formats

GLTF, GLB, assetBundle,
SVF, USD File Format Importer


Bounding box, move, rotate, scale, grab
Measure distances and angles
Cross-section mode and "Exploded View"


Local and global meetings
Session management
Avatars incl. hand, head and body position

3D Spaces

Save your work in a 3D space
Load several 3D models at once

Hierarchy Tree

Work with individual assemblies
Highlight/Hide parts via Quick Hand Menu
Smart parent selection

Real-World Alignment

Real-world referencing via QR Code
Reference your App Origin
Reference individual 3D models

Industrial Application Areas


Shorter development cycles and seamless product designs: With AR, the automotive industry accelerates workflows and reduces costs for prototyping.

Mechanical Engineering

Simulate production processes using CAD visualizations, enhance quality control and efficiently train workers on complex machinery.

Plant Engineering

By merging virtual 3D models with the real environment engineers can avoid mistakes in factory planning and improve on investment decisions.


Our augmented and virtual reality solutions are also used in healthcare, aerospace, construction, energy, and the maritime industry.