The Augmented Reality Engineering Space

Work on 3D CAD Designs in AR

Realize up to 12 months earlier concept evaluations and up to 25% of R&D cost savings. Detect more than 90% of design faults and streamline local and remote collaboration. AR3S plans start from 291€ per month.

Merge Real and Virtual

Place your CAD designs in the real world, overlay real geometries with complex holographic objects and edit 3D models in various ways.

Share the Experience

Collaborate in AR, include third parties via cloud multi-user and set up local and global meetings in an instant.

Rely on Enterprise Tracking

Enhance model tracking with VisionLib integration, track 3D objects smoothly to deliver critical information and reference the positioning of objects via QR-codes.

Leverage Data in New Ways

Work with data-intensive 3D content, import the most common CAD file formats and access a multi-level BOM just like it is managed in your PLM system.

The Industrial Metaverse Application

With AR3S designers and engineers visualize and work with 3D CAD data in Augmented and Mixed Reality to speed up product development. The Key Use Cases include:

  • Prototyping
  • Design reviews
  • Factory simulation
  • Immersive trainings

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Case Studies

BMW Accelerates Concept Evaluations

Car manufacturer BMW uses AR3S at its Munich headquarters to speed up concept evaluations by as much as twelve months, from individual vehicle sections to complex production stages.

Bilfinger Makes faster Decisions in Plant Design

Bilfinger Engineering & Maintenance relies on AR to seamlessly integrate customers and stakeholders into industrial plant design process and avoids costly errors at an early stage.

Tipteh uses AR as a Game Changer for Engineering

Globally operating machine builder Tipteh makes use of AR3S to improve its business operations, avoiding costly errors, speeding up design processes and building a stronger customer relationship.

Danfoss Simplifies Product Training

Global engineering company Danfoss Climate Solutions maximizes internal stakeholder engagement and improves customer satisfaction with AR.

AR3S Knowledgebase

Want to know more technical details? Requirements, installation and setup process, release notes, user manual and more – we´ve got you covered! Refer to our elaborated knowledgebase to get more info and find answers to your questions. If you would like to get in touch with our support team, we are happy to receive your request via our ticket system, which you also find in the knowledgebase.

AR3S on Microsoft HoloLens 2

Use AR3S on Microsoft HoloLens 2. Simply download AR3S from the Microsoft Store, load your CAD files – and you´re ready to start working on your model. From instant cross-section, explosion view to collision detection and distance and angle measurement: A wide range of CAD functions are available to you. In addition, AR3S enables location-independent collaboration in multi-user mode with colleagues or partners.