AR 3S – the AR Engineering Space

Improve Your Engineering Workflows with Augmented and Virtual Reality

Work on 3D CAD Designs in XR

AR 3S is an XR engineering application for AR and VR devices that streamlines and accelerates product development through 3D CAD data visualization. As the first Industrial Metaverse application to enable AR and VR collaboration, it revolutionizes engineering and design teamwork.

Faster Time-To-Market

Accelerate the conceptual design phase by reducing the number of iterations with a fully digitized product development process.

Economical & Sustainable Prototyping

Save costs, physical waste, and time with fully digital product development that enables easy testing of virtual prototypes.

Efficient Remote Collaboration

Reduce meetings, travel costs, and your carbon footprint by collaborating remotely on digital prototypes in real time.

Quick and Easy Error Detection

Identify and correct errors and improve product quality by testing full-scale designs in a real-world environment.

Transform Your Engineering Workflow with AR 3S

AR 3S allows you to easily import original 3D CAD data without the need for data preparation. Using a variety of tools, users can work with their 3D content in XR and merge physical parts with virtual objects. What’s more, remote meetings can be set up for smooth collaboration with colleagues. AR 3S makes it easy to interact with 3D content and work together on projects, saving time and increasing efficiency. Key use cases include prototyping, design reviews, factory planning and training.


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Our AR 3S Case Studies Are Customer Success Stories

BMW Accelerates Concept Evaluations

Car manufacturer BMW uses AR 3S at its Munich headquarters to speed up concept evaluations by as much as twelve months, from individual vehicle sections to complex production stages.

Tipteh Uses AR as a Game Changer for Engineering

Globally operating machine builder Tipteh makes use of AR 3S to improve its business operations, avoiding costly errors, speeding up design processes and building a stronger customer relationship.

Bilfinger Makes Faster Decisions in Plant Design

Bilfinger Engineering & Maintenance relies on AR to seamlessly integrate customers and stakeholders into the industrial plant design process and avoid costly mistakes early on.

Danfoss Simplifies
Product Training

Global engineering company Danfoss Climate Solutions maximizes internal stakeholder engagement and improves customer satisfaction with AR.


Faster Concept Design Phase


Lower Production Costs


Fewer Business Trips


Reduction in Errors

Seamless Collaboration across AR and VR

AR 3S lets you choose the level of immersion that best suits your needs, preferences, and available devices: AR 3S supports both the Microsoft HoloLens 2 AR glasses and the Meta Quest 2 VR headset, enabling seamless interaction and multi-user mode between Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. Multi-user sessions can be conducted in AR+AR, AR+VR and VR+VR constellations. This makes AR 3S very versatile and accessible, offering a variety of experiences in a single application.

AR 3S Knowledgebase

Want to know more technical details? Requirements, installation and setup process, release notes, user manual and more – we´ve got you covered! Refer to our extensive knowledgebase to get more info and find answers to your questions. If you would like to get in touch with our support team, we are happy to receive your request via our ticket system, which you also find in the knowledgebase.

Customers Who Put Their Trust in Our AR 3S Application

And many more …

Customers Who Put Their Trust in AR 3S

And many more …