19. May 2017
Augmented World Expo USA

Augmented World Expo USA

AWE in Santa Clara, CA Bringing superpowers to the people Augmented World Expo in Santa Clara is the largest AR & VR event in the world […]
18. May 2017
Holo-Light at VR World in London

VR World ’17 London

VR World 2017 in London Discovering the UK market VR World is focusing on the impact of Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality beyond Gaming. This year […]
7. May 2017
Holo-Light Top 50 Startup

Holo-Light Top 50 Pioneer

Pioneers Festival 2017 Holo-Light confirmed as a Top 50 Startup Pioneers Festival 2017 takes place in Vienna on June 1st & 2nd and has Europe’s most […]
5. May 2017
Holo-View CAD software

Hannovermesse 2017

Industry giants and young tech enterprises Holo-Light at Hannovermesse 225.000 visitors and 6.500 exhibitors within one week – Hannovermesse for sure is one of the biggest […]
19. April 2017

DAQRI partnership

DAQRI partnership Holo-Light solutions for DAQRI smart helmet DAQRI is an American Augmented Reality company offering hardware devices like DAQRI smart helmet and DAQRI smart glasses. […]
10. April 2017
Holo-Light at BVL conference in Vienna

BVL logistics conference in Vienna 2017

BVL logistics conference in Vienna 2017 Logistics as potential application area for Mixed Reality The BVL (Bundesvereinigung Logistik) is a network, which has the goal to […]
27. March 2017
TechFounders DemoDay

Tech Founders DemoDay Batch #5

TechFounders DemoDay Batch #5 Holo-Light was accelerated “Accelerators are the perfect platform for startups, because they get the support they need in order to grow and […]
27. March 2017
Mixed Reality Gaming

Gamescom 2016

Gamescom 2016 Mixed Reality Gaming The world’s largest gaming event was held in Cologne and Holo-Light was the first company presenting Games on Microsoft HoloLens. Thanks […]
24. March 2017
ARENA 2036 in Stuttgart where startupautobahn takes place

Startupautobahn program #2

Startupautobahn program #2 Holo-Light at startupautobahn Startupautobahn is a program, which was created by the car manufacturer Daimler in 2016. It’s an innovation platform, where corporates […]