Augmented Reality Engineering Space “ARES

New Augmented Reality Software for the Industry 

Holo-Light develops AR Workspace for Engineers and Industrial Designers 

(Copyright: Simon Toplak / Holo-Light)

Ismaning, May 6., 2020 – The Augmented Reality company Holo-Light has developed a new AR workspace for industrial users. The Augmented Reality Engineering Space “AR 3S” enables engineers and industrial designers to visualize, edit and share CAD data as 3D holograms in a real environment. AR 3S optimizes workflows in development and helps to efficiently reduce time and costs. The AR software suite is ideally suited for prototyping, factory planning and quality control – for example, in mechanical engineering, the automotive and process industry, as well as in aerospace and aviation.

New Work: Improved Workflows with Augmented Reality  

Users can load CAD files into AR 3S simply by drag and drop. Using a Head Mounted Display (HMD) such as Microsoft’s HoloLens 2, intermediate results, possible variants or final concepts can be displayed in 3D and original size. Users can freely manipulate the holograms. Not only the size, but also the position or angle can be changed with simple gestures via HoloLens. It is also possible to create a cross section, i.e. a sectional image for the examination of internal structures. Users have the complete hierarchy tree of the CAD file available to select or hide individual components.  

Inconsistent details or easily overlooked design errors in the model are clearly visible and can be modified. And above all, the superimposition of real geometry with holographic 3D models offers a flexible and cost-effective method of assessing different variants of a concept in minutes. For instance, in factory planning, AR software can be used to visualize and manipulate planned pipelines and assemblies directly at their intended location. The digital twin manages to determine whether planning and reality are in fact compatible. In consequence, a new efficiency factor is gained through Augmented Reality.  

(Copyright: Simon Toplak / Holo-Light)

Remote Engineering: Working Together on CAD Models from any Location  

“Almost every business can be influenced sustainably with AR 3S. The Augmented Reality software overcomes barriers between people and technology. It renders workflows collaborative. Engineers or industrial designers have the means to visualize, edit and present their development together in the AR workspace, regardless of location,” says Florian Haspinger, CEO and co-founder of Holo-Light.  

ARES provides a 3D collaboration environment to bring together different departments from planning and development trough management and end users. They simply can come together for a virtual work session on an identical 3D project and work on it together. All adjustments discussed in the work session or marked on the digital model can then be seamlessly integrated into the corresponding tools of further workflows. 

Integration with Remote Rendering Technology and AR Input Device 

Holo-Lights Augmented Reality Engineering Space ist mit den weiteren AR-Holo-Light’s Augmented Reality Engineering Space is compatible with the company’s other AR solutions. With Interactive Streaming for Augmented Reality (ISAR) Holo-Light has developed a remote rendering technology to visualize big amounts of 3D data in real size: for example, entire cars or larger production plants. In addition, Stylus XR, a high-precision AR input device in the form of a pen, complements the software solution package. For the first time, engineers can now perform millimeter-accurate work, measurements and movements in an Augmented Reality environment.  

About Holo-Light:

Holo-Light offers new ways to reduce costs and optimize engineering workflows with Augmented Reality software and hardware. The AR expert focuses on prototyping, factory planning, quality control and the construction of highly complex objects such as cars or industrial plants. Together in the Augmented Reality Engineering Space (ARES), engineers can visualize, edit and present their developments regardless of location. With ISAR (Interactive Streaming for Augmented Reality) Holo-Light has also developed a remote rendering technology to visualize huge amounts of 3D data in real size. In addition, Stylus XR, a high-precision AR input device in the form of a pen, complements the software solution portfolio. Holo-Light was founded in 2015 and operates its headquarters with over 40 employees in Ismaning near Munich and Innsbruck. 

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