Introducing ISAR SDK New Features, Enhancements, and Bug Fixes

We’re excited to announce the release of ISAR SDK, which is now available on Holo-Light’s GitHub profile. This update brings several new features, enhancements, and bug fixes based on valuable user feedback and our product roadmap. In this blog post, we’ll provide a comprehensive overview of what’s new in this release.

New Features in ISAR SDK 

Spatial Anchor System 

Introducing Spatial Anchors, a powerful system designed for aligning augmented content with the real world. These anchors can be saved and reloaded, ensuring a seamless user experience and persistent content placement. 

Configurable Signaling Port 

For increased flexibility, we’ve introduced the ability to set any non-reserved port between 1024 and 65535 for establishing the connection between the Server and Client, instead of the default port 9999. 

Client Device Camera Settings 

We’ve added the ability for users to change camera-related settings, such as resolution, framerate, and exposure, at runtime. This feature allows for better customization and control of the mixed reality experience. 

Watermark for Trial Version 

The time-based expiration of the ISAR Trial version has been replaced with a watermark displayed at regular short intervals, providing a more transparent and consistent trial experience. 

Bug Fixes in ISAR SDK 

We’re committed to continuously improving ISAR SDK, and that includes fixing bugs. Based on feedback from users, partners, and internal developers, we’ve addressed the following issues: 

Distortion with Depth Enabled 

We’ve fixed an issue where objects and menus would distort when Depth was enabled for ISAR, especially noticeable when objects were close to the user. 

Missing ISAR Rendering Preset Window 

The missing ISAR Rendering preset window when clicking on “Rendering” preset has been fixed. 

Outline Around Objects with Depth Enabled 

We’ve fixed an issue where enabling Depth caused an outline around objects to be displayed in the camera’s solid color.  


ISAR SDK brings exciting new features and enhancements that aim to improve your mixed reality experience. Please note that the Android client and Depth Alpha feature are still in BETA, so keep that in mind while using these features. 

We appreciate the feedback from our users and partners, and we’re committed to refining our product based on your input. Be sure to give the new ISAR SDK a try and let us know your thoughts via our feedback and support portal. Happy developing!