Streaming Service for Augmented and Virtual Reality Apps

Holo-Light Announces First Immersive Streaming Platform “XRnow”

The German tech startup is building a global Streaming as a Service platform to host and stream any XR application.

Santa Clara, USA – Holo-Light, a company specialized in immersive technologies, today unveiled it is building the first immersive streaming platform for augmented and virtual reality (XR) applications. The Streaming as a Service platform “XRnow” brings the power of the cloud to mobile XR devices, enabling high-performance processing, on demand access, and global availability of AR and VR experiences. XRnow is designed for mass adoption, providing an ecosystem for XR apps from all segments and industries. The platform empowers AR/VR use cases that were not scalable or possible before and enables easy roll outs and maintenance of applications.

Partnering with Amazon Web Services

“Augmented and virtual reality are undeniably shaping the future of how we consume and experience content. However, every player in the field nowadays faces major challenges that limit the growth and roll out of immersive technologies,” said Florian Haspinger, Holo-Light´s CEO and Co-founder. “With XRnow we are creating the ‘Netflix’ for AR and VR. We aim to stream every mobile application to surpass current bottlenecks like the limited performance of mobile devices, a fragmented device market or concerns about data security.”

“We are developing the most powerful XR streaming platform with the largest cloud provider in the world,” added Alexander Werlberger, CTO and Co-founder of Holo-Light. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is Holo-Light´s partner and provides the cloud infrastructure for XRnow. The two companies had already worked together on the cloud architecture for streaming AR/VR applications. “XRnow is hosted on high-performance AWS servers, its infrastructure flexibility, however, also supports other cloud providers, 5G edge infrastructures or on-premises setups,” Werlberger said.

XRnow Merges Holo-Light’s Core Products

To build and demonstrate the ease of use of XRnow, Holo-Light is merging its two in-house products ISAR SDK (Interactive Streaming for Augmented Reality) and AR3S (Augmented Reality Engineering Space) into one all-encompassing ecosystem. ISAR SDK is the technological backbone of the platform. The SDK can be integrated into XR applications within minutes to enable platform-based streaming to all kinds of mobile XR devices. AR3S is an AR engineering software with a proven track record in the industrial sector and the first application to run on XRnow. Over 100 customers from various industries are already using AR3S with integrated streaming capabilities to improve their daily engineering workflows.

Prospectively, every app with the integrated ISAR SDK will be hosted and streamed on the central XRnow platform and can be accessed via one client app or simple browser login. Applications are globally available on demand and no updating or maintenance is necessary. “By streaming apps from our cloud platform, we simplify the use of XR applications. We cut the boundaries from the digital to the real world to an absolute minimum – as content will be available everywhere at any time,” Werlberger further commented. 

Holo-Light Focusing on B2B Industry Sector, Consumer Market to Come Later

“Moving XR streaming to a cloud-based platform with marketplace-like capabilities makes us unique in the market,” said Florian Haspinger. “We provide the only industry-ready platform solution that is optimized for industrial network conditions and meets the requirements of the industry in terms of integration capability.” With XRnow Holo-Light is primarily targeting the B2B industry sector, ranging from automotive, mechanical engineering, construction and architecture to healthcare, defense and security, and education.

Beyond specific industry sectors the company also plans to address the B2C consumer market in the future. Especially Gaming, eCommerce and Advertising provide strong use cases for immersive technologies and streaming. “We are planning to expand the market and audience for XRnow exponentially over the next few years,” Haspinger emphasized. XRnow is made to provide every player in the field of augmented and virtual reality several key benefits:

  • Endless cloud processing power to stream big data
  • Global app availability on all XR devices
  • High data security and Infrastructure flexibility

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