The media takes a closer look at our AR company

The hard work of Holo-Light is clearly paying off, as in recent weeks we have attracted the attention of several renowned media outlets in areas such as engineering, automotive and the chemical industry. They featured our overall company history as well as our AR Enterprise Solution AR 3S (Augmented Reality Engineering Space).  And, of course, we do not want to withhold them from you. Therefore, a summary of the last reports available here:

CHEManager: “Bridging the Gap between Virtual Planning and Reality”

Our CEO Florian Haspinger is presenting Holo-Light to an international audience from the chemical industry in the new issue of CHEManger International.

CHEManager is the leading trade and business newspaper for the management in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

Read the Interview here:

Elektronik Neo: “Reale und Digitale Welten verschmelzen“ (in German)

In the latest issue of Elektronik Neo the readers will find a three-page-feature about Holo-Light, covering some of the company’s history together with all its products AR 3S, Stylus XR and ISAR.

Elektronik Neo is the media brand for addressing young professionals and students in the fields of electronic products development as well as technical purchasing/sales/business development.

Check out the article here on pages 29 – 31:

Konstruktionspraxis: “Neun Produkteinheiten für Entwicklung und Konstruktion“ (in German)

Our CMO Luis talks about ARES in Germanys top design engineering magazine Konstruktionspraxis. In addition to the podcast, there is both corresponding  print and online coverage.

Konstruktionspraxis is a tier 1 trade magazine covering everything design engineers need: From digital engineering to the choice of materials and design engineering components etc..

Listen to the podcast here:

Automobil Industrie: “How Holo-Light wants to change engineering” (in German)

Once again Florian gives an understanding of Holo-Light’s mission to improve engineering in the automotive industry in Automobil Industrie. The article tackles the positives changes augmented reality can inflict on various work processes.

Automobil Industrie is the trade journal for technical and commercial management in the automotive business. Its readership consists mainly of business owners, directors, CEOs along with developing and design managers.

You can read the article here:

And last but not least, Austria´s top industry magazine Factory and AR/VR medium Auganix are featuring our new Augmented Reality Engineering Space AR 3S.

Up-Date from 26.08.2020 – more good things have come up in the meantime:

AUTOMOBIL PRODUKTION: “_Mit Sicherheit komplex“ (in German)

If you would like to learn more about our work here at Holo-Light, it is worth taking a look at AUTOMOBIL PRODUKTION. This time, the Augmented Reality Workplace will be in the spotlight.

Automobil Produktion (AP) is the industry magazine for the automotive and supplier industry. Target groups are top management level (board members and managing directors) as well as decision-makers from the areas of purchasing, development and production at OEMs, suppliers and outfitters.

Take a look at the article here on pages 50-51: (free registration required first)


Judging by the headline, the author of this media article obviously enjoyed the line of our work and wrote in Digital Engineering about how workflows can be enhanced with our in-house software and also provides insights into our various use cases.

The DIGITAL ENGINEERING magazine provides designers and decisionmakers with everything they need for the development, design and operation of complex technical products and systems, such as those found in the manufacturing industry, including machinery and plant engineering, production engineering and the automotive industry.

Read the full article on pages 12-13:

AUTOCAD & Inventor magazine: “Zukunftstechnologie in der täglichen Arbeit“ (in German)

We were able to secure the cover story in AUTOCAD & Inventor magazin and this article covers our approach to improve workflows in factory planning via Augmented Reality in everyday work.

The AUTOCAD & Inventor magazine is an independent practice-oriented magazine for all users and decision-makers of companies who work with Autodesk solutions or industry, construction, planning and development applications based on them from other manufacturers.

Happy reading on pages 48-49:

Other news:

In an interview with Holo-CEO Florian Haspinger introduces the company and looks back on the last years. There are also two exciting international features in AR/VR Media Arpost and Vrworldtech reporting on our successful AR 3S Launch! A special honor was given to our CMO Luis Bollinger, who was able to prove himself to Internet-of-Things as an expert in IOT matters and spoke about remote rendering in times of covid.

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