How XR streaming saves considerable time for data preparation and enables unlimited performance

90% of all XR use cases require data preparation due to the limited processing power of XR devices. Is the object streamlined or downresd enough? Many data editors even remove details of the object so that it can finally run on a mobile device.

In our webinar on December 8th at 4 pm CET we will discuss how remote rendering solves this problem and how it enables unlimited performance. Philipp Landgraf, Head of Technology together with Sascha Schön, Publishing Director and Luis Bollinger, Co-Founder will talk about the following topics:

  • How remote rendering and XR streaming technically works
  • From time savings to data security: what are the benefits of this solution?
  • Case Study: How BMW uses remote rendering for their prototyping
  • Q&A

Live Webinar "How XR Streaming Enables Unlimited Performance for AR/VR"

11/2/202116:00 CET45 Minuten
Join our Head of Technology Philipp Landgraf, Publishing Director Sascha Schön, and Co-Founder Luis Bollinger when they discuss how XR streaming is a game changer for augmented and virtual reality.

Our webinar starts on February 11, 4:00-4:45 pm (CET).

We will have a live Q&A session at the end to give you the opportunity to ask our experts how XR Streaming can improve your performance and get their advice about how to handle challenges you are facing.

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