Extending AR’s capabilities with Hub:raum’s programs

We recently participated in the Low Latency Prototyping program at Deutsche Telekom’s tech incubator hub:raum and were able to generate quite an impressive, life-size visualization of the International Space Station. Now, we are excited to take part in another of promising program of hub:raum.

In December 2018, we attended the onboarding meeting for the hub:raum 5G Prototyping program with our CTO and Co-founder, Alex Werlberger, and our two lead developers, Philipp Landgraf, Head of Artificial Intelligence, and Tobias Eichinger, Head of Remoting. 

Building a Remote-Rendering-Based CAD Viewer

Within the framework of this program, we presented our newest project: a remote rendering-based CAD viewer. By visualizing CAD data files as high resolution, 3D holograms with an emphasis on detail and accuracy, this application functions as a collaboration tool: connecting people in different locations around the globe on the one hand and making it possible to explain complex processes in the simplest and most comprehensible way on the other hand. 

Tim Akgül, lead of the hub:raum 5G Prototyping program and former mentor for Holo-Light during the Low Latency Prototyping program, already expressed his excitement about our new collaboration: 

“Holo-Light is one of the few companies that we, as a corporate tech incubator of Deutsche Telekom, strategically believe is capable of executing VR/AR products based on edge computing and 5G. That is why we cooperate cross-functionally with business mentors, tech mentors, and project managers and the experienced team from Holo-Light.”

Tim Akgül, lead of the hub:raum 5G Prototyping program and former mentor of Holo-Light

We certainly are grateful to have such a great team, network, and infrastructure provided by hubraum’s programs. We can’t wait to see the next cutting-edge results we create with their support!

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