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TechFounders Demo Day in Munich

Presenting the Festo application

The TechFounders Accelerator Program gives start-up companies a chance to make their business ideas a reality. The exchange of ideas and knowledge between industry partners and entrepreneurs builds a creative environment in which future technology flourishes. The final day for our group, Batch 5, was a special occasion for us at Holo-Light as our time with the accelerator program was truly an enriching one.

Together with ten other start-up companies we presented our final pitch to industry partners like Festo, Bosch, Siemens, and the BMW-Group. Seeing how TechFounders helped other business leaders to create unique industry solutions was inspiring. Holo-Light was proud to demonstrate our company’s results regarding our latest product with business partner Festo.

Festo is the market leader for industrial automation processes and is an exemplar for innovative production solutions. With Holo-Light’s expertise in the field of mixed reality, we developed transformative training software to make Festo’s staff training approaches more effective and profitable. This training application helps new employees to understand and visualize their workplace and it accelerates the learning process for assembly processes.

Looking back at the outcome of the TechFounders program, it is satisfying to know that we the team at Holo-Light delivered professional work solutions for our customers. Besides all the informative details we learned about business strategies, the most valuable experience for us as a young company was the chance to establish contacts with wonderful industry partners. We want to thank the TechFounders team for their passionate support of startups.

8. June 2017 | Author: Luis Bollinger


Holo-Light as winner of the category "industry 4.0"!

Once again, the magnificent halls of Vienna’s Hofburg hosted Pioneers’17, the premier technology start up fair. Holo-Light, competing with over 4,000 other startups, earned a spot alongside 500 other companies for the opportunity to attend, going on to rank among the top 50 startups which were allowed to pitch their ideas and business models. Their audience was a who’s who of high-profile investors, world-class experts, and any number of potential business partners.

Holo-Light’s pitch resonated and we moved on to present in front of an audience of 2000 as one of the Top 8 companies at the fair, along with another 1000 additional viewers watching via live stream. We had a great time presenting on stage and got a lot of positive feedback for our performance. In the end, the prize for the Best Start Up went to Stromkind, and Holo-Light wants to congratulate them for an exceptional showing.

Holo-Light can also proudly say that we won in the category of “Industry 4.0”, proving that in this sector we are one of the most promising companies in Europe. We appreciate the support from everyone at Pioneers’17 for this fantastic achievement for our company.

In the end, Holo-Light’s performance on stage and at our booth have been a great success and a wonderful chance to present our team as well as our first-class products to both customers new and old.

6. June 2017 | Author: Luis Bollinger

Sample City Lab

The Trends Of The Future

Featuring interactive Workshops, top-level Keynotes and a unique “Futurelab” providing visitors the most innovative products to experience themselves, the Sample City Lab was infected with excitement over the latest and greatest trends in technology. This is only Sample City Lab’s third year, but the event is already one of the de facto exhibitions of its kind. Attendees had the chance to get a glimpse of how industrial working methods will change in the future and how digitization will develop and change our environment over the next years. Holo-Light felt privileged to participate as part of a select pool of innovation experts, presenting our software-products on the Microsoft HoloLens as well as our support for the new DAQRI Smart Helmet. Not only could Holo-Light introduce itself to the enthusiastic visitors at our booth in the historical Swarovski-workshops, but we had the privilege to give a creative, salient keynote speech about our software applications and how they are already used in the industry.

Holo-Light would like to express our gratitude to TrendOne and p&p Marketing for organizing this inspiring event and inviting us for the second time! We enjoyed being there and connecting not only with visitors but also with other innovators with whom we can collaborate on promising projects to come!

1. June 2017 | Author: Luis Bollinger

SMART-Automation 2017, Linz

Austria’s one and only automation fair

The SMART-Automation 2017 Austria’s automation fair celebrated it’s 10th anniversary in Linz with 180 exhibitors, over 200 brands and 7.303 trade visitors. In collaboration with world-leading expert in automation processes, Festo, Holo-Light introduced the application Holo-Expo to the visitors. With this new product it is possible to show exhibits as holograms or to extend exhibits with holographic information.

Holo-Light’s interactive holograms for Festo make the exhibition experience interactive and engaging in ways that only Augmented Reality can provide. By scanning attached QR Codes you could see various information appear for each exhibit. You could watch videos, read texts, look at pictures and even rotate 3D animations, getting a closer look at them from every possible perspective.

Visitors had the chance to book this Mixed Reality tour and get a personal expert from our Holo-Light team to guide them through every step using Microsoft HoloLens. We received a lot of excited feedback about Holo-Expo and consider the application a unique highlight of Smart Automation 2017!

30. May 2017 | Author: Luis Bollinger

AWE in Santa Clara, CA

Bringing superpowers to the people

Augmented World Expo in Santa Clara is the largest AR & VR event in the world and is held for the 8th time in 2017. The biggest tech players such as Microsoft, Gartner, Unity, Meta, Niantic Labs, Oculus, Sony and of course Holo-Light will be participating in the event.

Visitors have the fantastic opportunity to learn, inspire, partner and experience first hand the most exciting industry of our times. The slogan of the event is: “Bringing superpowers to the people”. This year the conference will show how these technologies drive economic growth, encourage empathy and collaboration, democratize healthcare and education and promote sustainability in the world. Holo-Light already participated in the European version of AWE last November and we are very proud to be part of this year’s event in the United States. More than 5.000 attendees and more than 250 speakers together with 200 exhibitors make the Augmented World Expo an incredible experience.

We will exhibit our CAD interaction tool Holo-View as well as the prototype of Holo-Stylus. Our goal is to become one of the top players worldwide and therefore the participation in the event is obvious. In case you would like to join the event, send us a mail and get a discounted price. In case that you cannot join, we will inform you about the event afterwards. Mixed Reality is a superpower and superpowers can change the world.

19. May 2017 | Author: Luis Bollinger

VR World 2017 in London

Discovering the UK market

VR World is focusing on the impact of Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality beyond Gaming. This year more than 2.000 attendees and 50 exhibitors joined the event. Holo-Light participated as an exhibitor at the two-day conference. For this year’s visitors VR World was a great opportunity to learn more about AR, VR & MR. For us it was great opportunity to expand our network to the UK market. We had the feeling that people in UK are quiet familiar with these technologies although many people had not the chance to test the devices itself. Comparing to Germany there were not many industrial customers but even more creatives. It was a great experience for us and we will definitely be back in London soon. The demand was so high, that the organizer estimates to have an event double the size next year. We are looking forward to the event next year! VR World is worth a visit!

18. May 2017 | Author: Luis Bollinger

Pioneers Festival 2017

Holo-Light confirmed as a Top 50 Startup

Pioneers Festival 2017 takes place in Vienna on June 1st & 2nd and has Europe's most promising tech startups. Entrepreneurs, founders, investors and big companies meet at the tow-day conference at the Hofburg Imperial Palace in Vienna.

The Pioneers500 program invites the Top 500 tech startups to join the event and the Top 50 companies will get the chance to pitch on stage. We are happy to announce that Holo-Light is one of the Top 50 startups and Luis Bollinger will represent Holo-Light on stage.

Pioneers 2016 was the first really big event for Holo-Light and the start of a big journey. We are happy to be back after one year and will show what we achieved within this amazing time.

We will provide you with more information about how to meet us at the event soon!

7. May 2017| Author: Luis Bollinger

Industry giants and young tech enterprises

Holo-Light at Hannovermesse

225.000 visitors and 6.500 exhibitors within one week – Hannovermesse for sure is one of the biggest trade fairs in the world!

Holo-Light was lucky to be one of the exhibitors in the Young Tech Enterprises area of the convention. This excellent venue was challenging but also a great opportunity. The world's premier leaders in industry participated in the event, with dominant brands showcasing such wonders as big robotic arms moving a whole car in the air. However, there also exists a second world, a parallel existence when it comes to size and brand awareness but in some ways an even more interesting area when it comes to innovation.

Just next door to the halls featuring bigger industry players, young tech enterprises like Holo-Light are focusing on new technologies and specific industry problems. Many people realized, that looking for innovation means talking to tomorrow’s up-and-coming leaders.

Several companies presented a demonstration using Mixed Reality and Microsoft HoloLens at the Hannovermesse for the first time – an outstanding development for the Mixed Reality technology with only one problem. We couldn’t find a company presenting a real software product for HoloLens apart from our own application. Holo-View, Holo-Light's CAD visualization tool for use on HoloLens is the only application, which can be used by engineers and sales people right now.

Mixed Reality was clearly making itself heard as an important new technology. The feedback Holo-Light received from visitors to our booth has been hugely positive and furthermore many people were interested in the Augmented Reality solution from our partner DAQRI. Their smart helmet has been a real eye-catcher. Maybe it’s the mixture of big industry leaders, medium-sized companies and young tech enterprises, what makes our industry successful, what truly makes Hannovermesse special.

Please check the report to get more information about Hannovermesse 2017.

5. May 2017 | Author: Luis Bollinger

DAQRI partnership

Holo-Light solutions for DAQRI smart helmet

DAQRI is an American Augmented Reality company offering hardware devices like DAQRI smart helmet and DAQRI smart glasses. We are happy to announce that Holo-Light joined the DAQRI partner program and offers from now on solutions for their devices!

The DAQRI smart helmet makes it possible to use Augmented Reality in the construction industry and many other industries dealing with safety regulations etc. Holo-Light is very excited about cooperating with DAQRI. The helmet has many useful advantages as it can be used in special environments.

One main goal is to find the perfect application area for each device! That's why smart glasses like HoloLens and DAQRI smart helmet are not only competitors but also different solutions for different problems. We are looking forward to offer our customers the best solution for their problem!

If you would like to test the DAQRI smart helmet, let's meet at Hannovermesse. We will show you a first demo and talk about potential application areas for your company. For more information check the Hannovermesse website .

We will provide you with many interesting DAQRI projects. Let's make 2017 a successful year for Mixed Reality!

10. April 2017 | Author: Luis Bollinger

BVL logistics conference in Vienna 2017

Logistics as potential application area for Mixed Reality

The BVL (Bundesvereinigung Logistik) is a network, which has the goal to show the importance of supply chain management and logistics in our globalized economy and helps to promote its development. More than 11.000 industry, retail, service and science experts are part of this network.

For the 33rd time people meet at the Eventhotel Pyramide to talk about trends in logistics. People talk about topics like dynamic sampling, leadership and customer focus, visit speeches from professionals and have a look at new solutions.

Holo-Light participated as an exhibitor and expert for Mixed Reality solutions in logistics. We presented our applications like Holo-View and talked to many people about the use of Mixed Reality in this context. A great application area is the field consignment but there are even more fascinating use cases and head-mounted displays like Microsoft HoloLens are not only a solution for the future. They can be used now!

We met interesting companies and shared our ideas with experienced people. We would like to thank A1 digital for the invitation to the event and hope that processes in logistics will be changed in a positive way by the use of Mixed Reality.

10. April 2017 | Author: Luis Bollinger

TechFounders DemoDay Batch #5

Holo-Light was accelerated

"Accelerators are the perfect platform for startups, because they get the support they need in order to grow and be successful", says Luis Bollinger about the participation of Holo-Light in the tech startup accelerator TechFounders.

TechFounders is an initiative of UnternehmerTUM GmbH, a trailblazer for founders and innovation. It is located in Munich and has a close cooperation with the Technical University Munich . In 2016 the fifth batch is already running and 17 tech startups had projects with their industry partners. Luckily we were one of these startups, had the chance to learn a lot about business and had a great pilot project with BMW.

At DemoDay in December 2016, the final day of Batch #5, we were proud to look back on a successful project with BMW. We were pitching in front of 150 important industry people from BMW, Siemens, Bosch, Festo and the UnternehmerTUM network.

"The network - that's maybe the best thing about TechFounders! The matchmaking between industry leaders and startups is not self-evident", summarized Luis Bollinger after a nice evening at DemoDay. A big "Thank you" to the TechFounders team for the great support and all the things we were able to learn within this four months!

27. March 2017 | Author: Luis Bollinger

Gamescom 2016

Mixed Reality Gaming

The world's largest gaming event was held in Cologne and Holo-Light was the first company presenting Games on Microsoft HoloLens. Thanks to the WKO we had the possibility to exhibit and present a multi-user game. Two players could throw balls on each other while they were able to see and block them. It was so much pleasure to see the enthusiastic visitors play our game. Furthermore we presented the first version of our Holo-ARt application. It was interesting to see how fascinated people are, when they are suddenly able to paint in 3D.

We were a bit surprised, that we were the only company doing software development on a Mixed Reality device. We saw many exhibitors offering solutions for Virtual Reality devices like Oculus Rift but nobody accomplished to present an AR solution on a head-mounted display in such a short time, except Holo-Light. That's something we are proud of!

It was an interesting week, we met a lot of interesting people, even hired some people and were very happy, that we had enough time to visit the entertainment area. We felt a bit a sick after testing Playstation VR and were tired after an exciting week at gamescom 2016.

We will definitely participate and exhibit next year. We are looking forward to meet you there! Have fun!

27. March 2017 | Author: Luis Bollinger

Startupautobahn program #2

Holo-Light at startupautobahn

Startupautobahn is a program, which was created by the car manufacturer Daimler in 2016. It's an innovation platform, where corporates and tech-startups are connected in order to do projects together. The location is the new ARENA 2036 in Stuttgart, a place, where the participants can meet and work. The startups have the chance to attend workshops and get insights into the industry. The organizational part is done by Plug&Play, a company, which acts as innovation platform all around the world.

he industry partners are Daimler, BASF, Porsche, ZF and Hewlett Packard Enterprises and even more companies are joining the platform. Holo-Light is one of the startups participating in the second program and is in discussion with a few of the mentioned companies. We are looking forward to present a new industry partner soon!

The program started beginning of March and we are looking forward to Expo-Day in July.

24. March 2017 | Author: Luis Bollinger 16

Holo-Light wins startup pitch

Industry 4.0 is an interesting topic for companies. More than 200 participants went to Zell am See (AT) in order to talk about the trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies. The Internet of things, cloud-computing, blockchain and also Mixed Reality are technologies, which are worth talking about it. The impact on the industry was discussed by people from Festo, Siemens or SAP and also a crash course in design thinking was held.

Gerald Reischl moderated the Startup Pitch 4.0 event. Holo-Light CEO Florian Haspinger convinced the jury with our software solutions on Microsoft HoloLens and was able to win the prize of 5.000€. Ski-jumping legend Toni Innauer handed the price over and emphasized how important innovation in the industry is.

We are very happy about the prize and really appreciate participating in the event. Our goal is to build a strong relationship to the industry in order to develop software solutions, which help industry leaders to optimize processes and make things easier. Thanks a lot to the host, the jury and the audience!

24. March 2017 | Author: Luis Bollinger

Dubai innovation week 2016

Holo-Light and trendone's future space

End of November 2016 the Dubai innovation week took place in the biggest city of the United Arab Emirates. The innovation consultancy trendone from Hamburg organized an innovation & future exhibition for the Dubai electricity and water authority (DEWA). Holo-Light was part of that exhibition, presenting solutions on Microsoft HoloLens. An incredible opportunity to get to know how business works in the Middle East and furthermore a nice experience to get in touch with the culture.

We got the impression that Dubai wants to be an innovative city and in a certain way, they are innovative. They have the newest technology, they know everything about the trends from the USA, Asia or Europe and some of the sheiks even had a HoloLens at home. But when you have a closer look on the city and the business in Dubai, you will realize, that Dubai is actually not producing, but buying innovation. They have enough money to buy everything they need but don't really develop or manufacture things on their own.

Dubai innovation week is a great platform and the right way for Dubai to become innovative in the future. I'm confident, that Dubai will play a more important role in the future, when it comes to creating innovation.

But until then, we will accept the responsibility.

3. March 2017 | Author: Luis Bollinger

Pioneers Festival 2016

The highlight is a startup from Austria

The biggest startup event in Europe is called Pioneers Festival. In terms of future technologies and entrepreneurship, executives and investors can't find a better platform. The event took place in the Hofburg Imperial Palace in Vienna, where founders all over the world met for the fifth time to show their ideas and business models.

Inspired by the new technology Microsoft presented with the head-mounted display HoloLens, Holo-Light was founded in April 2015 and later achieved something, nobody else was able to do. Holo-Light brought the first Microsoft HoloLens to the European market. After receiving the first device we developed our first application and were invited by the host and Microsoft to exhibit at Pioneers Festival. Even the CEO of Microsoft Austria was impressed by our spirit and stopped by for a first Mixed Reality experience.

Pioneers Festival was a great networking platform for us. There were so many interested business people stopping by and luckily we were able to convince them with our software skills. After the two day event and approximately 2000 people testing HoloLens we were a bit tired but more motivated than ever before because the feedback of the industry was more than positive.

We are looking forward to participate in the event next year again. I would recommend the registration for next year to all founders, who need a great platform to present their innovations.

10. June 2016 | Author: Luis Bollinger