Engineering in Virtual Reality – ARES VR

Holo-Light expands its immersive engineering space bringing AR 3S to Virtual Reality on Oculus Rift S. Finally, also VR users benefit from the whole range of ARES features. Visualized CAD models impress with strong color intensity. The VR workspace is particularly well-suited for large-area designs thanks to its teleport feature. Overall, use cases range from complex design reviews to factory installations. Soon, users can test a demo version in VR free of charge. AR 3S VR is compatible with Oculus Rift S, the most widely used PC-VR-solution.

Market researchers from Superdata Research forecast that the revenues in the VR hardware sector will reach $2.5 billion in 2020 – a slight increase over 2019. This is due to continuously growing demand in VR.

While VR headsets are already used a lot in Gaming and Entertainment, the demand for industrial purposes is increasing. In the industrial sector more and more companies already have understood that immersive technologies offer a competitive edge. Thanks to the pricing and general availability of the headsets, prospective adopters are oftentimes particularly interested in VR.

Factory View in ARES VR
In-App Footage: View from Above in AR 3S VR

 VR Workspace for Engineers

In response to frequent customer demand, we extended AR 3S by a brand-new VR version. The VR workspace improves engineering processes: taking prototyping, factory planning, quality control, and technical education to the next level. As in the AR version, CAD models can easily get visualized, manipulated and shared. Users with large-area designs benefit from the beam feature: by pressing the cursor of the controller steeply upwards one can fly up in the air and review, but also manipulate the design from above.

Avatar in ARES VR
In-App Footage: Collaborate with your colleagues via Multi-User

The multi-user mode is another important feature of the VR workspace. Its cross-platform approach, which connects AR- and VR-users in engineering sessions.  Users can easily examine internal structures, scale single components or put a cutting plane through their model. All changes discussed in the session or markings on the digital 3D model can then be seamlessly integrated into the corresponding tools of further workflows.  


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Available soon in Oculus Store

Soon, a free demo version VR version will be available – so you can experience it yourself. AR 3S VR with the corresponding Oculus Rift S is a good and affordable starting package to become familiar with immersive technologies. Use them profitably in certain industrial processes. In VR colors are more intense and when it comes to large-area designs, the VR version definitely helps you to keep a good overview and analyze them further. The regular AR version of AR 3S additionally merges virtual and physical worlds and enables a broader range of use cases. Best, if you combine the AR and VR version – get the best of both of them.

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