New Pro Version of the AR Workspace integrates Edge Computing Technology

AR 3S PRO – Visualizing Data-Intense 3D Models Made Easy

  • AR 3S now with integrated remote rendering solution
  • Experience and manipulate complex 3D CAD models in full detail
  • Secure streaming of the entire application in own controlled networks
(Copyright: Simon Toplak / Holo-Light)

Ismaning, July 27, 2020 – The Augmented Reality company Holo-Light has extended its Augmented Reality Engineering Space by a Pro version. ARES Pro integrates the in-house remote rendering technology “ISAR” (Interactive Streaming for Augmented Reality). The new Server-/Cloud-based version overcomes all limits of object size and complexity previously associated with AR content. Highly polygonal 3D content can now be visualized in life size and for the first time actively manipulated. In real time, with every detail and without the distortions that arise, for example, from polygon reductions.

Another important factor is the protection of strictly confidential data. In contrast to other remote rendering solutions, the application is hosted, wherever the customer decides: for instance, via own controlled local servers or the cloud. Furthermore, AR 3S Pro is more than just a viewer. Users have access to the full range of functions and interaction possibilities of the Augmented Reality Engineering Space. They can visualize data-intensive 3D CAD content in high quality as holograms in a real environment, manipulate it and edit it collaboratively in a virtual session. A distinct unique selling point on the market for AR solutions.

AR with Edge Computing 

One of the toughest challenges for industrial AR is visualizing 3D objects in life size and in high quality. Due to the limited computing power of AR glasses, CAD models often have to be prepared with polygon reduction. This in turn can reduce the quality of the 3D models to such an extent that visualizations in AR are not viable for the engineering process. Round surfaces become angular and details like screws get completely lost.

With AR 3S Pro the AR expert Holo-Light now offers a comprehensive AR Engineering Tool with an integrated remote rendering solution. The basic idea behind it is the outsourcing of demanding work processes such as application logic or content rendering. This means that the computing power does not have to come from the Head-Mounted Display (HMD) itself, but can be provided by a powerful, secure local server or even from the cloud. The AR 3S application is completely streamed from the server/cloud to e.g. Microsoft’s HoloLens 2. Entire cars or larger production plants can be displayed with extremely low latency and in real time. One example is the realistic, true-to-scale AR model of the International Space Station (ISS). The solution could process 80 million polygons at a speed of 40-60 frames per second. Self-sufficient AR data goggles only work smoothly below 1,000,000 polygons.

AR Software for Industrial Use

Holo-Light has developed the Augmented Reality Engineering Space “ARES” as an AR workstation for engineers and industrial designers. The AR software enables its users to visualize, manipulate and collaborate on 3D CAD data in a real environment. AR 3S optimizes workflows in development and helps to reduce time and costs efficiently. It is ideal for prototyping, factory planning and quality control – and offers additional value in engineering, the automotive and process industry as well as in aerospace and aviation.

AR 3S Pro is now available at Microsoft Store.


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