New ARES update introduces measurement features, file saving and Autodesk Forge integration

We are proud to announce that the updated version of ARES is available now in Microsoft store. The integration of Autodesk Forge as well as the saving and loading of scenes make the AR workspace even more practical in use. Furthermore it contains now a measurement feature.

With the latest ARES release (1.1.1), our development team optimized UX and UI elements and added brand new features. Users can now save their progress working on a 3D model  with the new “Saving and Loading of Spaces” feature. Using a QR code also allows users to take a prepared scene with them. For example, while engineers might prepare their virtual assemblies in the office, they can now take their work status directly to the factory floor. 

New Measurement Feature  

ARES now also provides a feature to measure distances in AR. It can be used to get the dimensions of virtual components as well as real-world objects. This is a valuable tool for engineers and designers: it simplifies the evaluation of concepts. Measured distances can be saved in a space, so that users can access the information later on.

Loading Files from Autodesk Forge  

Last but not least, the new ARES update supports Autodesk Forge. Design and engineering data are easily accessible in the cloud via the Forge platform. While in the past some companies struggled with data preparation and file conversion, the Forge integration accelerates these workflows for users, allowing them to load their files (JT, OBJ, HLCAD, glTF, glb, assetbundle) in real-time directly in ARES.


We have been refining the AR workspace for several years now. With this new update, ARES is even more practical and timesaving. Try out all of the new features in Microsoft Store.   

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