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Streaming of entire AR applications including high poly count objects
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BMW Case Study

BMW Group uses ARES Pro in Prototyping
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The AR Workspace for Data-Intense 3D-Objects

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Holo-Light delivers the most collaborative Augmented Reality software suite to efficiently cut costs and improve engineering workflows. Our Augmented Reality Engineering Space enables engineers to visualize, manipulate and share 3D CAD data with others in a real environment. Our in-house remote rendering technology ISAR ensures highest performance and security. It is also available as a SDK for interactive streaming of entire AR applications in real-time.

Our Product Suite


Our core AR software for engineers and industrial designers.

Stylus XR

Precise and intuitive Augmented Reality input device with AI tracking.


Interactive streaming of entire AR applications via cloud or local servers.

Flexible Solutions for many Fields of Application


Shorter development cycles and seamless product designs: With AR, the automotive industry accelerates workflows and reduces costs for prototyping.


By merging virtual 3D models with the real environment engineers can avoid mistakes in factory planning and improve on investment decisions.


Simulate production processes using CAD visualizations, enhance quality control and efficiently train workers on complex machinery.


Our Augmented and Virtual Reality solutions are also used in aerospace, construction, energy, chemicals, and the maritime industry.

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